The Connection Between Smoking And Knee Pain And How To Treat It

Knee pain is a common problem that plagues many people as they age, but few understand that their smoking habit may be affecting it and making it worse. Multiple studies have shown the ways that smoking can cause an increase in knee pain, but it's also been shown that it is possible to treat this problem with careful physical therapy. Smoking Negatively Affects Cartilage Beyond the myriad of dangerous effects that smoking causes in a person's body is one that few recognize: its affect on cartilage. Read More 

5 Ways A Pregnancy Sonogram Can Give You Peace Of Mind

Pregnancy sonograms seem to be the norm these days. Most of your friends who have been pregnant in the past decade have probably posted their sonogram images on Facebook along with excited claims of it being the "baby's first picture." Many women use the sonogram to find out the sex of the baby before delivery, but there are eight other ways that the pregnancy sonogram can provide you with peace of mind during your pregnancy. Read More 

Got A DOT Drug Test Coming Up? Here’s What You Should Know

A drug screen is an important element of your DOT medical exam, and the urine collected at your examination is also tested for sugar and protein, which could indicate diabetes or kidney dysfunction. Failing a DOT drug screen is grounds to lose your DOT medical certification and can make you ineligible for hire, so it should be taken extremely seriously. The five drugs being screened for during a DOT physical exam are: Read More 

5 Tips For Living Through Chemotherapy

Being diagnosed with cancer can turn your life upside down, and it is natural to feel upset and scared. Luckily, the options for cancer treatment have continued to advance and many people are able to beat the disease. Chemotherapy continues to be an effective treatment option for many types of cancers, but chemo can have some uncomfortable side effects. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and will be undergoing chemotherapy in the near future, use the following tips to make the process smoother: Read More 

4 Tips For Keeping Indoor Allergies At Bay

When you have indoor allergies, keeping your allergens manageable can be a daily struggle. Routine efforts can help reduce your allergy symptoms and limit the amount of antihistamines you take throughout the year. Invest In Better Filtration Standard fiberglass filters are not enough to keep household allergens down. They may help reduce larger dust particles, but dust mites, pet dander, and mold spores easily pass through. When you are looking for filters, choose filters that are able to trap the smallest particles. Read More