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Got A DOT Drug Test Coming Up? Here’s What You Should Know

A drug screen is an important element of your DOT medical exam, and the urine collected at your examination is also tested for sugar and protein, which could indicate diabetes or kidney dysfunction. Failing a DOT drug screen is grounds to lose your DOT medical certification and can make you ineligible for hire, so it […]

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5 Tips For Living Through Chemotherapy

Being diagnosed with cancer can turn your life upside down, and it is natural to feel upset and scared. Luckily, the options for cancer treatment have continued to advance and many people are able to beat the disease. Chemotherapy continues to be an effective treatment option for many types of cancers, but chemo can have […]

4 Tips For Keeping Indoor Allergies At Bay

When you have indoor allergies, keeping your allergens manageable can be a daily struggle. Routine efforts can help reduce your allergy symptoms and limit the amount of antihistamines you take throughout the year. Invest In Better Filtration Standard fiberglass filters are not enough to keep household allergens down. They may help reduce larger dust particles, […]

Physical Therapy After Rotator Cuff And Shoulder Surgery: What To Expect

A torn rotator cuff means that you have ripped one or more of the four “cuff” tendons in your shoulder. Not only is this condition painful, but in extreme cases it also means that you cannot move, lift or rotate your arm in the shoulder socket. While it is a very common occurrence among athletes […]

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Troubleshooting An Uncomfortable Hearing Aid

Since hearing aids can become a part of your daily life, it’s important to find a hearing aid that is comfortable and effortless to use. There are many different styles of hearing aids, and it often comes down to individual preference with the ones that you’ll like the most. Here are some tips on finding […]

3 Things Parents Need To Know About Pityriasis Alba

Pityriasis alba is a skin condition that affects children. It’s characterized by hypopigmented patches on the skin, which may cause cosmetic concerns. Here are three things parents need to know about pityriasis alba. What are the signs of pityriasis alba? If your child develops pityriasis alba, you’ll see hypopigmented patches on their skin. Hypopigmented is […]

What To Expect After Your LASIK Surgery

If you’ve decided to undergo LASIK surgery to have your vision corrected, congratulations. Soon, you’ll be seeing clearly without the worry of glasses or contacts. While this procedure has become quite popular and is pretty straightforward, you probably have some questions about what to expect as you heal and recover. This article should give you […]

3 Things Swimmers Need To Know About Biceps Tendinitis

Biceps tendinitis, also called bicipital tendinitis, is a sports injury characterized by inflammation of the tendon that connects the biceps to the shoulder bones. Here are three things swimmers need to know about biceps tendinitis. How does swimming lead to biceps tendinitis? Biceps tendinitis is an overuse injury, which means that it develops in response […]

Taking Up Jogging? Here’s Why You Should See A Podiatrist First

If you’ve decided to get into the sport of jogging, congratulations. You’re taking literal steps toward improving your physical and emotional health. Before you lace up your running shoes, clip on your MP3 player and hit the road, it’s advantageous to schedule a visit at a podiatry clinic like High Desert Foot & Ankle Clinic […]

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Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment: 3 Myths Debunked

If you’re suffering from substance abuse and considering entering an inpatient treatment facility, it’s common to have doubts and fears. Before deciding not to continue due to those doubts and fears, however, it’s important to separate the myths from the facts. Below are three common myths about entering inpatient treatment and the truths behind them. […]