Why Health Care During Adolescence Is Important

While many children get excellent medical care when they're young, medical care can be just as important when they grow older. In fact, you may find that adolescence provides unique healthcare challenges.

Here's why it's so important to ensure that your child is getting the right care in their adolescent years.

Adolescence May Bring Mental Health Issues

Adolescence is often a time of change and growth, but it can also come with mental health issues. Mental health issues are common in adolescents, and they should be monitored closely.

Early intervention can help prevent the development of more severe problems that may have long-term consequences. A family health clinic may screen for issues like depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, and provide guidance and treatments.

In many situations, teens feel more comfortable talking with a doctor about their concerns rather than a family member. A doctor can facilitate communication and treatment.

Regular Physicals Are Essential

Adolescents need regular physicals for a variety of reasons, including monitoring growth and development, detecting problems early on, and discussing any health concerns that may arise. 

A physical exam can also provide an opportunity to discuss lifestyle choices and provide guidance on proper nutrition, sleep habits, and physical activity.

Teenagers may also want to participate in sports and other activities. A physical exam can provide an opportunity to talk about the risks and benefits of participating in activities. The doctor will point out any risks specific to your child.

Reproductive Health Care Is Crucial

Another important aspect of health care in adolescence is reproductive health care. It is during this time that some children will begin to undergo pelvic exams, for example.

These pelvic exams can provide valuable information about reproductive health and can help detect any problems that may exist. Additionally, discussing safe sex practices is another important part of adolescent care.

Your Child May Need Vaccines

Vaccines are an important part of adolescent health care. During this time, some children may need to catch up on their immunizations or get additional vaccines.

The vaccines your child may need in adolescence may include Hepatitis B, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Meningococcal, and Tdap.

Contact Your Family Health Clinic For a Healthy Future

Adolescence can be a time of tremendous growth and change, and it is important to ensure that your child's health needs are met. Contact your family health clinic to discuss any concerns you may have about adolescent care and schedule regular check-ups.