Beyond Chemo: 3 Supportive Treatments For Cancer Patients

There are many treatments for cancer depending on the type of cancer and stage. Many patients fail to realize treating cancer extends far beyond medical treatments. There are other forms of treatment for cancer patients that can be important for addressing other needs. Psychological Cancer is a devastating diagnosis for both patients and loved ones alike. It is important to find psychologists, especially those who specialize in treating cancer patients. Regardless of the severity of cancer, the diagnosis can bring significant anxiety and depression. Read More 

What Nursing Home Health Care Workers Learn During Medication Management Training

Medication errors in nursing homes can have dire consequences, as elderly residents are often more susceptible to overdosing and adverse reactions from taking an incorrect medication. Many elderly residents also rely on medication to help alleviate the negative effects of chronic health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. Ensuring that all nursing home residents take the right dose of their prescribed medication at the right time of day is important, but it can be difficult in a busy nursing home. Read More