Common Cause and Treatments for Joint Pain and Inflammation

Our joints help stay mobile, so they are an important part of our bodies. They are found in the knees, hips, ankles, feet, arms, and many other parts of the body. Joints in the body do a lot of work and undergo stress from body weight and repetitive movements. The swelling of the joints occurs when fluid builds up in the cushiony soft tissues surrounding them. These leads to some uncomfortable symptoms like stiffness, pain, swelling, irregular shapes. Read More 

Understanding The Different Therapies Offered In Eating Disorder Treatment

Many people assume that eating disorder treatment is based on nutrition and the physical side of eating disorders. While this is a part of the treatment process, and an important one at that, it is not the only aspect of eating disorder treatment. There are several therapeutic techniques utilized in eating disorder treatment that can greatly benefit the person trying to recover from their eating disorder. Learn more about some of the different therapies offered in eating disorder treatment. Read More 

What Every Person Should Know About Fevers

An elevated body temperature, or fever, is one of the body's alarms or warning signs. When an otherwise healthy individual has a body temperature over a certain threshold, it generally indicates that some form of illness is taking form within their body. From infants to elderly adults, it's important that each person knows what constitutes a fever and how to take action. Fever Scales When it comes to fevers, it's important to understand that the baseline for assessing the risk behind someone's elevated body temperature depends on their age and several other factors. Read More 

Relieve Pain And Improve Joint Mobility With The Use Of Manual Therapy Services

Manual therapy is treatment that works to reduce inflammation and improve joint mobility through a variety of ways. You might receive manual therapy treatment when you see a physical therapist, as many use manual therapy as an integral component of the treatment they provide to clients. It can be done by hand, or by using any number of hand held instruments that make tissue mobilization easier. Your treatment provider may have a number of goals when using manual therapy, and one is often to reduce pain and improve circulation to the area. Read More