Relieve Pain And Improve Joint Mobility With The Use Of Manual Therapy Services

Manual therapy is treatment that works to reduce inflammation and improve joint mobility through a variety of ways. You might receive manual therapy treatment when you see a physical therapist, as many use manual therapy as an integral component of the treatment they provide to clients. It can be done by hand, or by using any number of hand held instruments that make tissue mobilization easier. Your treatment provider may have a number of goals when using manual therapy, and one is often to reduce pain and improve circulation to the area. With soft tissue mobilization, you can break up scar tissue and help increase mobility of a joint.

Treatment For Back Pain

If you are dealing with back pain, your treatment provider might use manual therapy services to help loosen tight muscles. Percussion devices are sometimes used to increase circulation to the area and decrease pain. When you have pain in your back, your provider will carefully assess what is going on and look for ways to support your muscles, tendons and spinal alignment. Therapy can build up strength, improve your mobility and help you manage back pain that has been difficult to treat with traditional methods.

Better Mobility Through Manual Therapy Treatment

When your mobility is limited because of stiff, painful joints, you can work with a therapist to address joint mobility. Manual therapy can be used to stretch your muscles and to help heal tissue that isn't getting much nutrient dense blood. Manual therapy treatment can improve your mobility by reducing pain and making it easier for you to move around. When you work with a therapist, manual therapy treatment can include pressure on your soft tissue to mobilize the tissue, massage, percussion, stretching and adjustments to help ease the strain on your joints and make mobility easier.

Manual therapy has a range of applications. When you are in pain, or have trouble with one of your joints, manual therapy treatment can:

  • Improve circulation to your muscles and speed up healing times 
  • Align your spine to make movement easier
  • Decrease pain by breaking up scar tissue and reducing inflammation
  • Mobilize your joints to make walking easier

You can heal from an injury or chronic pain problem when you work with manual therapy services. When you work with a treatment provider to address your pain and stiffness, you will begin to see the benefits of manual therapy treatment.