5 Misconceptions About Suboxone Addiction Treatment

If you are one of the many people addicted to opioids, you may have considered Suboxone addiction treatment at some point. The medication is one of the most common treatments for opioid addiction and has had a lot of success. However, there are still a lot of misunderstandings about the treatment that might make you reluctant to take it.

Here are a few misconceptions about Suboxone addiction treatment.

People Abuse Suboxone Frequently

While it is possible for people to misuse any medication, it is rare for them to abuse Suboxone. Unlike opioids, Suboxone does not cause high levels of euphoria. Therefore, people may not see the need to use Suboxone more than necessary.

Suboxone Shouldn't Be Taken Very Long

This is another common misconception about Suboxone. The truth is that there is no specific length of time that Suboxone has to be taken. How long you take Suboxone may depend on the unique factors of your condition, such as the length of time you've been addicted to opioids. A doctor can help you determine how long to take the medication.

Suboxone Is Only Effective When Combined with Therapy

In an ideal world, Suboxone should be combined with therapy. However, that isn't realistic for everyone. Some people may not have adequate health insurance and can't afford therapy. Taking Suboxone alone may be their only option. The good news is that Suboxone can still be effective if it isn't combined with therapy.

It's Easy to Overdose on Suboxone

Some people may be reluctant to take Suboxone because they assume they can easily overdose on it. However, Suboxone has much less intense opioid effects than full opioids. Therefore, it is very difficult to overdose on it. Those who have overdosed on Suboxone used other substances with it.

If You Take Suboxone, You Aren't Truly in Recovery

Unfortunately, some people don't consider Suboxone a legitimate treatment for opioid addiction. They just think they are replacing a drug with another drug. However, Suboxone is absolutely a legitimate treatment for opioid addiction. It is a medication for a chronic condition and should be viewed as such. 

As you can see, there are a lot of different misconceptions about Suboxone addiction treatment. If you are currently addicted to opioids, you may want to talk to your doctor about Suboxone addiction treatment. It may help you break free from your addiction and live a normal life again.

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