3 Benefits Of Group Therapy Addiction Counseling

If you have a substance abuse or addiction problem, then you might be offered the choice of individual or group therapy. While individual therapy has benefits, some people also find it useful to work in a group. What are the advantages of group therapy?

1. Get Moderated Support

You might be worried about how group therapy works. You might be anxious that you will find it hard to work with other people and to talk about your problems in a group environment. You might also be concerned that the needs of the group might outweigh your needs from the counseling process.

Remember that if you join a therapy group to help you overcome your problem, then a trained therapist or counselor will lead the sessions. They give structure to the sessions and moderate them. They ensure that every member of the group gets the support they need in a safe and confidential environment.

2. Work With People Who Understand Your Problem

If you have a substance abuse or addiction problem, then you have probably hidden your problem in the past. You might not have told anyone about your situation. Even if you have been able to confide in people, they can't fully understand what you are going through if they haven't been through a similar experience themselves.

During your group therapy sessions, you will meet and talk to people who understand what you are going through. They will have similar experiences. This gives you a sense of community — you won't feel so alone.

Plus, the people in your group will give you a special kind of support. They can give you practical advice and tips on how to cope with your problem based on their own experiences. They can help you find different ways to overcome your addiction. They also become a support network that you can tap into when times are hard.

3. Get Strength Through Accountability

Once you settle into group therapy, you'll build bonds with the other people in the group. You become invested in their progress and they become invested in yours.

This bonding gives you a feeling of accountability. While you have to overcome an addiction for yourself, it does help if you also feel committed to the group. You won't want to let people down. You get extra motivation and social strength to stay on the right track.

To find out more about how substance abuse counseling works in a group therapy environment, talk to a counseling service near you.