2 Reasons Why You Should Visit A Cryotherapy Clinic

When you hear the word "cryotherapy," you might automatically associate the term with the treatment of skin conditions. Cryotherapy is a process that uses liquid nitrogen or argon gas to freeze diseased tissue and tumors. However, medical professionals who work with cryotherapy have branched out and are now using the procedure in a number of other ways as well. If you've never given much thought to the idea of going to a cryotherapy clinic, the following information will help you see why you should give it a go.

1. Cryotherapy May Be Able To Help With Weight Loss

Trying to win the battle of the bulge can sometimes feel like a losing proposition. It might seem like no matter how much you exercise and monitor what you eat those last few pounds just won't go away. If you're tired of getting on the scale and sighing in defeat when you see where the needle lands, it's time for you to see if cryotherapy is the answer you seek.

Cryotherapy for weight loss is based on the assertion that your body burns more calories when it's subjected to extremely cold temperatures. As the body struggles to fight against the cold that it is feeling, the metabolism speeds up, and you end up burning a lot more calories than you would under normal conditions. Some people even claim that you can burn as many as 800 calories just by spending a mere three minutes in a cryotherapy chamber that is set at -306 degrees. Depending on how you look at it, stepping into the chamber for such a short period of time could be well worth it if you stand to burn up so many calories without doing all of the physical work!

2. Use Cryotherapy For Those Pinched Nerves

A pinched nerve may be localized in a very minute part of your body, but the pain can be so great that it almost feels like your entire physical frame is throbbing. You might be managing the pain with over-the-counter medicines but going to a cryotherapy clinic might be a better solution. The extreme cold can inactivate the nerve and cause the irritation to cease.

Some cryotherapy clinics are so sleek and comfortable that it truly feels like a day at the spa. Take some time to make an appointment at the cryotherapy clinic in your community so you can enjoy all of the terrific benefits that come with it.