That’s False! 3 Things That Could Cause You To Receive A “False-Positive” On A Drug Test

If your new job requires you to take a drug test, you might think you're safe since you don't use drugs. However, that might not be entirely true. There are some common, everyday products that can cause you to receive what's referred to as a "false-positive" on your drug test. Unfortunately, a "false-positive" on your pre-employment drug test could prevent you from being hired. If you're already working, a "false-positive" could lead to your termination. Luckily, there are some things you can do to ensure the proper results on your drug testing. Here are three steps you should take to prevent a "false-positive" on your drug test.

Watch Your Medications

Whether you're taking prescription medication for an infection you have or over-the-counter cough medication, you need to be careful. Some antibiotics and pain relievers have been found to cause false-positive results during drug testing. If you're currently taking prescription medication, be sure to list those medications on the paperwork for your medical history. It's also important that you stop taking over-the-counter medications until after you've had your drug testing performed. To prevent problems, be sure to list every medication you've recently taken.

Avoid Poppy Seeds

If you're in the habit of eating a poppy seed muffin for breakfast every morning, you might want to rethink your dietary habits, especially during your drug testing. Poppy seeds contain high levels of opium, which is used to create legal prescription drugs such as codeine. However, opium is also listed as an illicit drug. In some cases, eating poppy seeds can cause you to test positive for drug use. If you're going to be undergoing drug testing, avoid anything containing poppy seeds. It's also a good idea for you to avoid some granola bars, as well. This is particularly true if you eat the kind that contain hemp seeds. The Army has determined that the hemp seeds in the granola bars could cause "false-positive" results on drug tests.

See Your Doctor First

You might not realize this, but certain medical conditions can cause you to test positive for drugs and alcohol, even if you've never used them. This is particularly true of diseases that affect your glucose levels or kidney and liver function. Receiving a complete physical before you submit to drug testing will allow your doctor to identify potential health problems that could interfere with the results.

If you're going in for a drug test, make sure you test clean. The tips provided here will help you avoid a "false-positive." For more information on drug testing, contact a company like Pecos Drug Testing.