Troubleshooting An Uncomfortable Hearing Aid

Since hearing aids can become a part of your daily life, it's important to find a hearing aid that is comfortable and effortless to use. There are many different styles of hearing aids, and it often comes down to individual preference with the ones that you'll like the most. Here are some tips on finding the best hearing aids for your comfort. 

Try a Different Style

Finding the right hearing aid is a very personal choice, and that's why there are many different models of hearing aids on the market. Those who want something more discreet and less bulky may prefer an in-the-ear hearing aid that tucks safely inside the ear canal. If you want something that is more heavy duty and fitted so that it doesn't shift, an outer ear hearing aid may work well for you. Of course, speak with your audiologist first to make sure that the model you like is strong enough to meet your needs. 

Consider an Intuitive Model

Sometimes it's not that the hearing aid itself is fitting wrong, but that you are shifting it out of place when you go to adjust the controls. If you're having trouble with hearing aid comfort, make sure you choose a hearing aid model that uses intuitive, easy-to-reach controls. This way, you can minimize the time that you spend directly interacting with the hearing aid and potentially knocking it out of place. 

Consider Custom Hearing Aids

Another option is to consider a custom hearing aid. If you've found a model of hearing aid that is a near miss, meaning it has the features that you want but isn't quite comfortable, you may be able to get it customized by adding additional material to contour the hearing aid to your ear's shape. This is an especially helpful tool if you have unusually shaped ears, such as an ear canal that is much smaller or larger than the average adult's ear.

Talk With Your Audiologist

Finding the right hearing aid can take a lot of work if you choose to go it alone. But your audiologist can be a great resource for information on which styles to try next. If you're having trouble finding the right fit, or you've had a hearing aid that you didn't like in the past, go over your options with the audiologist, like Desert Knolls Hearing Center. They can provide recommendations and let you try different styles of hearing aids that meet your hearing needs and your feature preferences.